Why is it important to take care of your feet?


The importance of foot care lies in the effort they have to make daily, supporting the entire body weight and allowing the mobility of the body. Despite all this sacrifice, they tend to be largely forgotten and we do not give them the care they really need and deserve. Toe straighteners are often needed to help take care of your feet.

The use of inappropriate footwear, the poor drying of the feet when leaving the shower and the little hydration that is provided to them causes our feet to present problems that, with the necessary attention, they would not have.

The essential foot care

  • The most common alterations suffered by the feet are calluses, calluses and fungus as a consequence of daily bad actions that we could avoid. The bad actions can be fixed with toe striaghteners.
  • After each wash we must hydrate the feet, especially focusing on the soles and heels, since it is in these areas where cracks and grooves appear more due to a lack of hydration. If we find the dermis dry, it is also advisable to apply a body balm or a few drops of oil before going to sleep so that the liquid penetrates during the night and the skin regenerates.
  • Another of the problems that arise as a result of the lack of hydration of the feet are calluses, which start out being almost imperceptible but, if they are not taken care of, can become a serious problem to the point of not being able to walk well or not able to wear all kinds of footwear.
  • For the treatment of these calluses and chafing we can resort to the pumice stone, whose objective is to eliminate this type of problem and with it to eliminate the dead skin that is in the area of ​​the feet. Toes can be fixed with toe straighteners.
  • Regarding fungi, the best remedy is proper perspiration and that starts with good footwear. In addition, we must avoid wearing socks that are damp or that do not dry our feet well because, with humidity, this type of bacteria is produced that damages our feet and their nails.
  • Hammer toes, claw toes and deviated toes can be corrected with toe straighteners.


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