Natural remedies to get rid of foot fungus


The appearance of fungus on the feet or the so-called athlete’s foot is one of the most common obstacles to being able to show off beautiful and healthy feet. Sometimes the problem of fungi can be avoided, but if they have already appeared, it is advisable to act as soon as possible so that they do not spread. We have the best natural remedies to get rid of foot fungus.

How to get rid of foot fungus with natural remedies

Fungus infection in the foot, also known as athlete’s foot, is one of the most frequent, especially in summer. Fungi arise from having wet feet for a long time or also from contagion, so it is always better to prevent their appearance. But if the fungus has already appeared, it will be better to treat it with some natural remedies.

  1. Foot fungus disappears in a few days if you bathe your feet in a mixture of water and vinegar. Vinegar is one of the most used remedies in foot care and the most effective when it comes to athlete’s foot or fungus.
  2. Garlic is also very effective in combating foot or toenail fungus. The remedy works in a few days by rubbing the affected area with a clove of garlic cut in half.
  3. Tea tree oil. This oil acts quickly with foot fungus if we apply a few drops to the place affected by the infection. It is also used in foot bath water, as it is one of the most popular remedies for beautiful, healthy feet.
  4. Lemon is one of those remedies for everything and it is also very effective against foot fungus. A few drops are applied to the fungus and, although the area may burn a little at first, in a few days they will have completely disappeared.
  5. Baking soda. Another of the most used ingredients in home remedies for all kinds of skin problems is bicarbonate. To eliminate fungus, it is used mixed with water to form a paste that we will put on the affected area for a few minutes.


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