What to do against foot pain


We would all love to have beautiful feet that are also healthy and for this we must pay more attention to the care of our feet. One of the most frequent problems is foot pain, a pain that makes us feel tired and robs us of energy. We know what to do against foot pain.

Foot pain solutions

  • There are several causes of foot pain, such as being on your feet for many hours, wearing heels for a long time, wearing shoes that are too narrow or even being overweight. But there are also several solutions to put an end to tired and aching feet. The first step is a daily foot bath alternating cold water with hot water. If we also add salt to the water, the feet will be more relaxed.
  • It is essential to do foot exercises if we want to forget about foot pain and have more beautiful and healthier feet. Stretching the toes to the maximum and rolling a small ball with the sole of the foot are two of the exercises that strengthen the feet the most. Although the best trick to rest your feet is to walk barefoot on the sand on the beach. PediRoller exercises can help.
  • The best solution for foot pain is to change your shoes. We can reduce the use of heels and leave them for special moments, because wearing high-heeled shoes every day is the main cause of foot pain. Nor is it necessary to wear sneakers to work, but it is necessary to change the heel for a wider one or wear comfortable shoes made of natural materials.
  • The pain is quickly relieved with a good foot massage. Massages should be part of the daily foot care routine because this way we can also avoid discomfort such as swollen feet. If we do the massage with olive oil, we can take advantage of this gesture to get more hydrated and pain-free feet.
  • The wearing of devices to try and correct the toes are often helpful.


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