5-foot care for spring


When spring arrives and the temperatures start to rise we like to start wearing less clothes and showing our feet. But for this it will be necessary to have your feet well cared for, but it is necessary to know some advice and care so that your feet can be incredible for when you want to show them off and so that you also have them healthier.

Foot care in spring

  1. Good hydration. It is necessary that to take care of your feet you have them well hydrated. You will get hydration first by drinking enough water every day and you can also use moisturizing foot creams. If you have dry feet regularly, you will notice the change and your feet will feel much more cared for.
  2. Say goodbye to hardness. There is a stone called ‘pumice stone’ that is ideal for removing and scraping hard skin on the feet. Hardness usually appears on the heels, but they can also occur on the sides or other areas of the foot, but do not hesitate to have this stone at hand and scrape off all the hardness after bathing, you will have much softer feet.
  3. Well-groomed nails. An important foot care for spring is to have well-groomed nails. Cut them out, clean them and if you want to paint them to make them even more beautiful. But remember that the nail polish should not be worn for a long time to prevent the nails from becoming infected or yellowing.
  4. Avoid foot odor. Foot odor is a fairly common problem in people and this may be a reason why people decide not to uncover their feet even when it’s hot. You can use talcum powder when you wear open shoes because it absorbs bad odors.
  5. Foot exfoliation. Well-groomed feet will need a good weekly exfoliation. It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on it, it is enough with home remedies such as honey and cane sugar. So you will have softer and more beautiful feet.


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