Specific care for the heels of the feet


Some foot problems could be easily fixed if we paid a little more attention to that part of our body. Showing off beautiful feet requires some attention and those who suffer the most are the heels, which can end up dry, cracked or with significant injuries. We have some specific care for the heels of the feet.

How to take care of the heels of the feet?

Before your cracked heels turn into a real foot problem with sores and wounds that prevent you from walking normally, some urgent measures are necessary. Follow our heel care tips to have prettier and healthier feet.

  1. The feet need their daily bath to avoid problems such as swollen or tired feet. But if what you want is to act especially on the heels, you can include a splash of honey in the water to make them softer. You cannot forget about the pumice stone during the bath either.
  2. The feet and especially the heels need their own exfoliation a couple of times a week. If you want you can make a sugar and lemon juice scrub yourself to reduce cracks in the heels, although you should be careful when using this home remedy if the cracks have already turned into wounds.
  3. Face mask. More than anything, the heels need hydration. The hydration of the feet is something that we often forget about, but we can solve it quickly with a super moisturizing avocado and yogurt mask, leaving it to act for about 15 minutes.
  4. Coconut oil. Some people think that coconut oil is a true miracle for the skin. The heels will regain their softness much sooner if you massage your feet with this coconut oil every night and wrap your feet in socks. This way you will get more cared for feet and also more rested.
  5. As the heels bear the brunt of bearing the entire weight of our body and the mistreatment to which we subject them with footwear, it would not hurt to pay more attention to their care, protecting them with suitable footwear and walking barefoot on the beach to strengthen the area and avoid other foot problems such as swollen or sore feet.


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