Tips to avoid calluses and calluses on the feet


Calluses and corns are hard areas, thickened areas of the skin that are formed as a result of rubbing, friction or pressure on the skin. When they appear, they can make walking painful. Calluses and calluses are different from each other, but if you already know what they are and what you want are tips to avoid them and have well cared for feet, do not miss a single word of the tips that you will find in the following words.

Tips to avoid calluses and calluses on the feet

  1. Choose suitable shoes. The size, shape and support of the shoes is very important to consider. You cannot ignore the size of your feet and the size of the shoe, you should not sacrifice comfort for style. You should be able to move your toes freely inside your shoes without any kind of restriction.
  2. Use a pumice stone. It’s a good idea to use a pumice stone on your feet regularly to gently remove hard skin. If you use a pumice stone, you should make sure that your feet are completely dry before use, and that they are completely clean to avoid bacteria.
  3. Use a special cream. When you wash your feet or get out of the shower, it is necessary to dry your feet very well and apply a special foot cream for corns and calluses, so you will prevent them from getting worse.
  4. Foot pain is not normal. You should not think that foot pain is normal. If your feet hurt, see your GP or podiatrist so they can figure out exactly what’s going on and if necessary investigate the underlying cause of the pain to find a better solution.
  5. Avoid high-heeled shoes. It is important to avoid high -heeled shoes because they can create too much pressure or rubbing on the foot, causing corns and calluses. If you must wear heels try not to be too high, thick-heeled and comfortable to walk on.
  6. Corns do not have roots that they grow back from. Once a corn or callus has been removed, then the cause of them needs to be dealt with otherwise they will come back again.


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