Why do my feet get so cold?


One of the most common foot problems is the feeling of coldness that doesn’t leave you all day. Since what we want is to have healthy and beautiful feet, we must also take care of cold feet. And before starting to look for solutions we must look for the causes. We wonder why our feet get so cold.

Causes of cold feet

  • Many women complain that their feet are always cold and they don’t know how to fix it. To find a solution to any problem, you must first find the cause. And the main cause of cold feet is poor circulation, which prevents blood from reaching the feet properly.
  • Circulatory problems and other health problems can cause you to always have cold feet and, consequently, you feel cold throughout your body. That is why it is always advisable to consult the doctor to rule out any major ailment. But generally poor circulation is due to lack of physical exercise, diet and some unhealthy lifestyle habits such as tobacco and alcohol.
  • Footwear is also essential when it comes to generating the sensation of cold and other foot problems. Shoes that are too tight prevent blood from circulating properly. So if you have cold feet, check that it is not because of the shoes you usually use.
  • Poor circulation is added as the main cause of cold feet, foot sweat and humidity. If the feet sweat excessively and the socks are not changed several times a day, surely the humidity will remain in the foot causing the sensation of cold in addition to putting the health of the feet at risk by favoring the appearance of fungus and chafing.


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