How to avoid pain from flat feet?


Having flat feet is a problem that can cause a lot of pain in both the foot and the rest of the leg and knee. In many cases, flat feet require medical treatment, but there are also several things we can do to care for flat feet. We tell you how to avoid pain from flat feet.

Basic care to avoid the pain of flat feet

  • There are people who are born with flat feet, while other people appear over time with this ailment caused, among other things, by being overweight or wearing inappropriate footwear. When the curvature of the sole of the foot is not enough, pain in the joints, tendonitis can appear and it also favors the appearance of bunions.
  • Flat feet need to be treated medically, but there are some guidelines that we need to follow if we want to relieve flat feet pain. First of all, you have to go to an orthopedic specialist to make us custom insoles with our problem on the sole of the foot. These insoles will considerably reduce the discomfort caused by having flat feet.
  • We can also do some simple exercises to strengthen the sole of the foot and avoid pain. They are exercises that are also among the basic ones to have beautiful and well-cared feet and the main one is to walk barefoot on the sand on the beach. Extending the toes to the maximum while sitting is another of the most recommended exercises for flat feet. And, unfortunately, wearing high-heeled shoes is totally discouraged.


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