My feet hurt in heels, what can I do?


High-heeled shoes are still a torture for our feet, necessary or unnecessary, depending on who you ask. What is certain is that it is a great contradiction to wear a brand new heel for a more sophisticated look and at the same time put all the obstacles to have beautiful and healthy feet. And then there is the pain. We have some tricks to avoid foot pain caused by heels.

How to wear heels without foot pain?

  • Some foot pain is inevitable when we wear high heels because our feet are not designed to wear high heels. At this point we can accept our own nature and use comfortable and flexible footwear that contributes to the care of our feet or we can fight against genetics and continue to appear sexy and sophisticated with our inseparable heels.
  • Since we are surely not going to give up high-heeled shoes yet, it is best to look for some tricks to reduce foot pain caused by heels. The gel insoles will be our best allies to be able to endure all day in those high-heeled shoes without our foot noticing too much pain.
  • Another option to reduce foot damage caused by high heels is to change the type of shoe. Without forgetting the heels, we can always choose a model with a wide heel, which will continue to stylize the legs but with which we will walk more comfortably. If we also become fond of shoes with a front platform, the sole of the foot will be relieved and we will be able to avoid injuries, calluses and annoying bunions.
  • But it is one thing to reduce or alleviate foot pain caused by heels and quite another to not recognize that heels harm the condition of our feet. If we want to keep our feet beautiful and healthy despite the heels, we cannot forget about certain daily foot care rituals such as a salt water bath, massage or hydration.


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