Designs for toenails: the most original pedicures


It seems that pedicures are only important in the summer, when we wear sandals. But isn’t it really a shame that our feet aren’t always as beautiful as when we paint our nails? Do not settle for a solid color, apply some of the following most original designs for your feet.

Some flower nails

This design is the perfect pedicure to match your summer dress. Choose the colors of your nail polish according to the clothes you are going to wear.

An abstract design for your pedicure

If you have a little patience, a lot of pulse and creativity, you can make pedicure designs as simple and elegant as the following. Take advantage and combine it with your manicure.

The simplest pedicure

You don’t have to be an aesthetics professional to get a more or less decent pedicure. This design is very simple, but apparent.

Design for your wedding

A bride has to have everything prepared on her wedding day, even her pedicure. It is a simple design, but very elegant. Perhaps the best pedicure for the day you get married is the French one.

Some original nails

Has it never occurred to you that you could have fun toenails too?

A pedicure for every day

The simpler the design of the pedicure, the easier it will be to combine it with your day-to-day clothes.


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