Foot care for diabetics


You may think that diabetes is a blood problem that has to do with sugar, and it really is. But the nerve and blood vessel damage caused by diabetes can also become a problem for your feet if neuropathy develops. Losing sensation in the hands, feet, or getting an infection can be very serious problems for a person with diabetes. Therefore, to ensure the best health for your feet, do not hesitate to follow the following tips to avoid injuries and keep your feet healthier for longer.

Foot care for diabetics

  • Although foot care in people with diabetes should be like that of a person without diabetes -washing, drying well, cutting the nails correctly, moisturizing them, etc.- there are some aspects that should be taken into more consideration.
  • Inspect your feet. In diabetes, it is very important that you inspect your feet every day to find out if you have some kind of problem that is difficult to feel, such as when you have sores or cracks on your feet. Any color change or dry or cracked skin is significant. If necessary, put a mirror on the floor to see all parts of your foot easily.
  • Be careful with hot water. When a person with diabetes develops nerve damage or neuropathy, it’s hard to tell if the bath water is too hot. To avoid skin damage, it is best to check the temperature with your elbow before getting into the bath or shower.
  • Find the right footwear. Buying shoes for a person with diabetes should pay better attention to detail. You will have to look for shoes with greater depth and with good coverage throughout the foot. You will also have to make sure that it does not have seams that can rub on the foot. Socks will also need to be seamless and preferably made of cotton or other moisture-wicking material. And don’t go barefoot to avoid cuts or scrapes!
  • Treat calluses or any discomfort. If you have any discomfort in your feet, you will have to take care of it as soon as possible to avoid infections. Ideally, you should see your doctor for better treatment.


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