Five home remedies for sore feet


With the number of problems that our feet suffer from and the little care we dedicate to them, the main concern is not to get beautiful feet, but to get pain-free feet. Sore feet are a problem that affects the vast majority of people, but we have some home remedies to relieve foot pain.

The best home remedies for foot pain

  • Sometimes we end the day exhausted and with sore feet. Long hours, heels or inappropriate footwear, being on your feet for a long time or having traveled the city are some of the reasons for foot pain. What can we do to avoid tired and sore feet? We have some home remedies.
  • Bathroom. The foot bath alternating cold water with hot water is one of the best remedies for both sore feet and tired or swollen feet. In reality, it is the resource that most alleviates any foot problem.
  • Lavender. Lavender has relaxing properties but it is also a good relief against foot pain, especially for that pain caused by heels. It is used by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to warm foot bath water.
  • Mint. With the same properties as lavender in terms of relieving foot pain, mint essential oil added to bath water produces an immediate sensation of freshness that will instantly rest your feet.
  • Massage. When foot pain is intense, it is essential to perform a massage. It is also one of the basic remedies to guarantee the care of our feet and their health. If the massage is done with tea tree oil, the relief is immediate.
  • Exercises. There are some exercises that, in addition to reducing the sensation of sore feet, help to have beautiful feet and in good condition. A small ball is moved with the sole of the foot for a few minutes, and then the toes are stretched as far as possible to relax the muscles.


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