How to prevent blisters on the heels of the feet?


The blisters on the feet hurt, bother and also look horrible on our feet. When they go out most of the time it is the fault of misuse of footwear, rubbing or walking improperly. A blister is skin that has formed into a raised bubble and filled with fluid. Blisters can form anywhere on the skin, but they are most common on the heels and feet from rubbing from shoes or from some type of irritation. But when faced with blisters on the heels of the feet, the best thing we can do to avoid having to suffer from them is, without a doubt, to prevent them!

Foot blisters can appear anywhere when you are wearing the wrong shoes, but it is normal that they appear more frequently on the heels of the feet and also on the sides. Whenever there are blisters on the feet, or at least in the vast majority of cases, they are accompanied by pain and itching.

Tricks to prevent blisters on the heels of the feet

  • In order to prevent blisters on the heels of the feet, you must first take into account what causes it, because in order to avoid it, you will have to know what the origin is. They usually form from the friction caused by the shoe against the foot and the abrasion that occurs when shoes are loose or poorly laced and rub against the skin surfaces of the foot. Any rubbing over time (you don’t need too much) can lead to the formation of painful blisters.
  • To prevent blisters on your feet, the first thing you will have to do is use common sense with the shoes you wear because if you don’t and wear shoes that are not well adapted to your foot, you will have blisters for sure. You should wear shoes that are the right size for your feet and that fit perfectly.
  • You will have to wear appropriate shoes for the activities you are doing, for example you will not be able to wear sandals if you want to play sports, you will have to use appropriate shoes.
  • When you have new shoes that have seams or rough areas you will have to wear stockings or socks, because otherwise they will create rubbing and almost certainly cause blisters.


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