Feet: care, prevention and beauty


The feet are a part of the body that either likes or dislikes, but the reality is that they must be taken care of and prevented from catching diseases so that they can look beautiful whenever you want to take them uncovered. Dry skin, bad odors, calluses, infections, fungi or warts are some of the problems that feet can suffer if they are not properly cared for. There are many products to combat these problems, but there is no better solution than good prevention.

Your feet carry the weight of your entire body and that is why if you have a foot problem, however small it may be, it can be very annoying and can even affect the way you walk, causing knee problems at the same time. the hip and even suffer from back pain. Do you know what the good news is? If you invest a little time in caring for your feet, you will see that in addition to looking prettier, you will prevent them from having problems later.

Foot care to make them look beautiful

If you want to have beautiful feet, you will have to take care of them and prevent them from getting sick, for this follow the following tips:

  • Wash your feet well every day. If you leave dirt on your feet it can become dry, irritated and infected. Wash your feet every night with soap and water.
  • Always dry your feet well. Remember that your feet will have to be very dry so that they do not catch fungus due to humidity. Dry them well, especially between the fingers, which is where there can be more germs.
  • Apply foot cream. Specific foot creams (but not moisturizers) will help keep your feet well hydrated and looking very healthy.
  • Remove the tough skin. You’ll need to remove tough skin and calluses with a pumice stone or foot file.
  • Wear good footwear. The footwear will have to be adequate and also for each occasion. Sneakers for sports, comfortable shoes for work and limit high-heeled shoes as much as possible.
  • Trim your nails well. Always in a straight line and never at an angle or towards the edges, this could cause ingrown toenails.

And remember that you never have to walk in public areas without foot protection to avoid contagious infections such as fungi.


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