Why do I have green feet?


If you have ever had a green foot or have been told about people who have it and you have not been able to believe it, the reality is that it is possible but you have to know why it happens, because depending on the causes you will be able to know what measures to take or if you should see your doctor or not because it is temporary.

The reasons for having green feet

  • Because your socks have faded. It is possible that you have had green socks all day and that with the sweat of your feet they have turned the color of the socks. It can be quite a scare when you take off your socks and see how your feet have a different color. To solve it, you will have to change your socks to better quality ones, or change your socks once a day if you are a person whose feet sweat.
  • Because your shoes have faded. It is also possible that your shoes have faded –usually in summer- and that if they are green and you were not wearing socks your foot may have been impregnated with their color. The best thing you can do in these cases is change your shoes and buy others that are of better quality. You deserve better quality for your feet!
  • Because you are too cold. When it is very cold, sometimes people notice how their skin turns blue or purple, maybe you can notice how your feet also change color to these mentioned or green.
  • Because you have health problems. When the pues turn green and there is no external factor that can cause it, it may be that you have problems in the spleen or the lymphatic system. If it happens to you, you will have to go to your body quickly so as not to let the toxins continue to accumulate.


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