What habits improve foot health


The goal we have set ourselves is not only to have beautiful feet, but also to have them healthy. For this, it is very important to dedicate more time and attention to them, providing the care that this important part of the body that takes us through life needs. Follow our habits that improve foot health.

Five steps to better foot health

Many of the foot problems appear due to bad habits, so it is time to worry a little more about the care of our feet. We have some tips to follow some habits that improve the health of our feet.

  1. Hygiene is essential for foot health, which is why a daily foot bath cannot be missed. If we also do it by alternating cold and hot water, we can relieve tired feet or swollen feet.
  2. In addition to the bath, it is essential to provide the feet with the same care that we dedicate to the rest of the body. Exfoliation and hydration cannot be missing if we want prettier and healthier feet. A massage after a bath is soothing.
  3. The choice of footwear is of vital importance to prevent the most frequent foot problems, such as cracked heels, wounds, fungus or even foot sweat. It is not a question of giving up heels forever, but of choosing footwear thinking more about health than aesthetics.
  4. The feet also need to exercise so that they are stronger and suffer less. The best exercise is to walk barefoot on the sand by the sea, an act that also prevents swollen feet and softens the skin or you could use a PediRoller.
  5. From time to time we can give our feet a gift like a professional pedicure or a massage with lavender oil to leave our feet soft and relaxed.


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