Five tricks to get rid of foot sweat


One of the most frequent problems is foot sweat. Excessive sweating on the feet not only produces a bad smell, but also keeps the feet wet with the risk of foot fungus appearing. To show off beautiful and healthy feet, we must first put an end to excessive sweating. We have 5 tricks to get rid of foot sweat.

5 remedies against foot sweat

When feet sweat excessively, we run the risk of having wet feet throughout the day. This leads to smelly feet, but also the risk of getting a fungal infection and the annoying feeling of having cold feet all the time. We have 5 remedies to end sweaty feet.

  1. Baking soda. Baking soda is the best ally for any skin problem, which is why it is very effective against bare feet, for example. But also bicarbonate is an excellent natural deodorant that we can add to the foot bath water to reduce sweating.
  2. Talcum powder. Talcum powder helps feet sweat less. It is used after the shower, spraying the feet with talcum powder. Then the sock or stocking is put on and the feet are ready for a day without bad smell and with less sweat.
  3. Black tea. Black tea has antiperspirant properties. Boil the right amount of water for a foot bath and add 5 bags of the classic tea. When the water cools down a bit, we put our feet in this bath that, in addition to preventing sweating, works against tired and sore feet.
  4. Vinegar added to foot bath water is also very effective against sweat and prevents both bad odor and the appearance of foot fungus. If what bothers us is the smell, we can solve it by applying a moisturizing cream after the bath.
  5. Foot sweat is not only prevented with natural remedies. We must also pay close attention to the footwear we choose, which must be made of natural materials, and to the socks, which we must change several times a day. And it is that if we want more beautiful and healthy feet, we must be more attentive to the care of our feet.


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