Goodbye pain! Tricks to avoid foot damage


Foot pain in women from wearing heels is quite common. If the use of the heel is something temporary, the pain may pass as soon as the woman removes her shoes and puts on more comfortable ones. But on other occasions, perhaps the use of heels is too common and this can lead to more severe pain in women’s feet. You need to know some tricks to relieve foot pain caused by heels and to be able to take care of them –whether it is a punctual pain or something that happens to you often.

Stop foot pain from heels

  • Put on more comfortable shoes. Having to look pretty should not always be implied in wearing heels, you can wear comfortable shoes that have more or less heels but are comfortable to walk and wear.
  • Do stretching exercises. If you do stretching exercises you can stretch the calf muscles and thus you can relieve the pain caused by heels and also help your legs recover sooner.
  • Don’t go walking barefoot. There are women who are tempted to take off their heels and go barefoot for relief, but it is better to move on to proper footwear. If you walk barefoot you would be putting undue pressure on your sole.
  • Use ice. You can use an ice pack and place it on your heels for 20 minutes several times a day to reduce inflammation from wearing heels if you have no choice but to wear them daily. You will want to put a thin towel between the ice and the heel, but never apply the ice directly to the skin.
  • Limit the use of the heel. It is necessary that you limit the use of heels to when it is strictly necessary and if you must use them, it is better that you do so with heeled shoes that, in addition to being comfortable, adapt to you and your feet. The comfort and health of your feet should always come before beauty or elegance.


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