How to prepare your feet after the summer?


Before summer arrived, you had to prepare your feet so that they could withstand high temperatures and open shoes, but now it is just as important to prepare your feet for after summer, as temperatures change and your routines are back to normal.

Your feet are the part of your body that absorbs more impacts than any other part of your body, since thanks to them you can walk or run.

Care for your feet after the summer

  • You must take good care of your feet to avoid ailments such as pain, itching, sweating or smelling too much due to poor hygiene. After the summer, closed shoes and the routines after the holidays return, so you will have to know how to take care of your feet at this time of year.
  • Exfoliate once a week. As you did before, you should continue to exfoliate your feet once a week to keep them soft and in good condition. It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on foot scrubs, exfoliating yourself with a natural remedy will be more than enough, such as honey and sugar.
  • Dry them well. It is very important that you learn to dry your feet properly after each wash. If you do not do this correctly, you will be running the risk of your feet becoming too wet and creating the perfect conditions for fungus to develop in this area of ​​your body.
  • Keep them hydrated. But just because you dry them well doesn’t mean you can’t hydrate them as they deserve, so at least 3 times a week don’t hesitate to use a good foot moisturizer to keep them soft and with enviable skin.
  • Wear the right footwear. As temperatures begin to drop, uncovered footwear begins to stay in the closet, for this reason you will have to start using closed footwear that protects your feet from the cold but at the same time adapts to your foot. Remember that changing your socks often is a good idea to prevent sweat and foot odor.
  • Give them massages. If for some reason you feel pain in your feet because you have to walk a lot, then do not hesitate to massage your feet every night before going to bed.


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