Foot injuries from shoes: goodbye pain


Surely at some time in your life you have worn new shoes excited because they are beautiful but shortly after having them on you decided to take them off because you were paying a high price, you had injured your feet! Without a doubt, it is very annoying to wear shoes that cause injuries and usually these shoes tend to be stuck in the box without ever being used. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore, you should learn some ways to avoid foot injuries from shoes, and then you will stop suffering unnecessarily! Learn how to take better care of your feet by considering your shoes.

Avoid foot injuries from shoes

  • Buy shoes true to your size. The first thing you should keep in mind is buying shoes that are your size. It seems like something ridiculous or even obvious, but there are people who love a shoe but if there isn’t one in their size, they buy it a bigger size and add insoles, this solution will never be adequate.
  • Buy a comfortable and breathable shoe. If you buy shoes in your size, you should make sure that it is also a comfortable shoe, this means that when you try it on in the store you should feel that your foot is well received by the textures and that there is no part of the shoe that could cause chafing on the skin.
  • Listen to your body. It is possible that when you put on shoes they start to hurt you quickly. If this happens you should realize it and put bandages to prevent the wounds from getting bigger.
  • Avoid shoes that can chafe you. There is footwear that can easily rub your feet, such as flip flops made of hard material, shoes that have a hard material in the area where the foot enters, etc. It is necessary that when you buy some shoes you notice that the material is of good quality and flexible.
  • Buy quality shoes. It is better to have only one pair of shoes that are of good quality and that, in addition to lasting for a long time, provide comfort to your feet, than to have many low-quality shoes and that at the end of the day your feet hurt because of the injuries you received. have provided.
  • Wear shoes suitable to the environment. You should not be wearing flip flops in an industrial setting or high heel shoes in a warehouse work environment.

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