Tips for foot care and circulation


One of the biggest obstacles to having beautiful and healthy feet is poor circulation, a problem that we must solve as soon as possible to avoid problems such as swelling or foot pain. We have some tips for foot care and circulation.

How to improve circulation in feet?

There are many causes of poor circulation and it is something that we must solve to avoid the discomfort of cold, sore or swollen feet. Foot care begins with ensuring that blood flows normally and reaches the feet. Tips for foot circulation.

  1. Physical exercise. The best way to improve circulation and get healthier feet is to practice regular physical exercise. Walking every day is enough to reactivate circulation, but if we also do foot exercises we can avoid that feeling of always having cold feet.
  2. Many of the circulation problems are solved by changing habits, such as quitting smoking or opting for a healthier low-fat diet. We cannot forget that being overweight is one of the most common causes of foot problems.
  3. We can also help ourselves with phytotherapy to improve circulation and keep our feet in shape. Ginger and cinnamon infusions stimulate blood circulation and are very effective against swollen and painful feet.
  4. Many times we ourselves are the ones who interrupt the flow of blood preventing it from reaching the feet. A good trick to reactivate circulation and forget about tired feet is to elevate your feet for about 20 minutes.
  5. The star remedy when we talk about any foot problem is a water bath alternating cold water with hot water. It is a most effective home remedy to improve circulation and also to start any foot care routine.


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