Sunburned feet, what can I do?


Pending the good weather, we must be more attentive than ever to the care of our feet. Sunburned feet are one of the most frequent problems since the skin of the feet is not used to being exposed to the sun’s rays. We have some remedies to solve sunburned feet.

Remedies for sunburned feet

  1. Hidden for much of the year behind socks, the feet are one of the most sensitive parts to sunburn. It is one of the most frequent problems that prevent us from showing off beautiful feet, but which can also cause an infection and leave more than one scar as a memory. In a matter of sunburn, prevention is better than cure, but what to do when your feet have already burned?
  2. The first step is to soak your feet in cold water. Gauze soaked in milk can also be applied to relieve pain and itching and in some cases it will be necessary to take an analgesic for pain. Yogurt is also an excellent painkiller for foot burns and is applied to the affected area, leaving it to act for a few minutes. Then rinse and dry carefully without rubbing.
  3. One of the most effective natural remedies to alleviate any skin problem, be it on the feet or any other part of the body, is baking soda. It is applied under the shower water, sprinkling a small amount of baking soda on the feet, taking care not to rub so as not to damage burned and sensitive skin. Results are not quick, but baking soda is one of the best skin protectants.
  4. In any case, after a sunburn, it is best to concentrate all your efforts on moisturizing the area. Moisturizing burned feet will make the burned skin regenerate more quickly and you will have to wait until the area is not so sensitive to exfoliate and remove dead cells.


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