Bunions on the feet: how to relieve the pain


Spring is coming and we begin to dream of good weather and being able to put on our sandals. And we find ourselves with neglected feet that we have neglected all winter. We need urgent solutions for the most frequent foot problems, for example, painful bunions. We have some remedies to relieve the pain of bunions.

Remedies to relieve the pain of bunions in the feet

  • Bunions are caused by inflammation of the bone in the big toe. Not only are they not very aesthetic, but they also cause great pain in the foot. There comes a time when any type of footwear bothers you and on many occasions you must resort to medication to reduce pain. But regardless of the medical treatment you are following, we have some home remedies to relieve the pain of bunions.
  • That remedy for everything that we use for any foot problem that consists of a salt water bath is also quite effective to relieve the discomfort of bunions, although the star remedy is to give yourself a massage with lavender oil. It is also very effective to apply both heat and cold to the area where the bunions are located, alternating a hot compress with a cold one.
  • You could try the bunion correctors. These bunion correctors are worn as night splints to try and change the angle of the big toe. There are several different devices on the market. They are also helpful at helping pain in the joint.
  • In addition to home remedies, you can also reduce pain with some habits to improve the care of your feet, such as taking care of your diet, avoiding being overweight and carefully choosing the shoes you wear. As much as you love stylized heels, you may be better off sticking with wider, more comfortable shoes until you get rid of bunions.


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