Smelly feet? Here the solutions you need


If you are one of the people whose feet smell very bad, it is possible that you do not even want to go to yoga classes just because you do not take off your shoes… what will the people around you think if your feet smell so bad? The causes of feet that smell very bad can be very diverse since bad foot odor can be something hormonal, because of the shoes, because you have poor foot hygiene and even because of a fungal infection. It can really be something very unpleasant for others, so the person who suffers from it can feel very ashamed and even cause their self-esteem to be touched. But it is not necessary to go so far because smelly feet can have a solution.

Solutions for those who smell very bad

  • A suitable shoe. If you wear shoes that do not allow your feet to breathe well, it is likely that they will sweat and smell even worse. For this reason, it is necessary that when you choose your footwear you do it thinking not only about your comfort but also that the footwear is suitable so that your feet do not sweat too much and can perspire.
  • Change socks throughout the day. If no matter what kind of shoes you wear your feet always get sweaty -perhaps for some hormonal reason- then the best thing to do is to keep a pair of socks in your bag and change once or twice during the day. In this way you will prevent your sock from sweating excessively and from producing a bad smell.
  • Powder for foot odor. There are foot powders that are exclusively designed to make bad smell history. There are powders to apply directly to the feet and shoes that prevent them from sweating and thus make them smell worse, and also prevent the odor from being excessive. But there are also powders that are to be washed in water and let them take effect, choose the ones that suit you best.
  • Wash them every day. It is important that if you are a person whose feet smell, you have good hygiene and take time to wash them every day and also to dry them so that there are no damp areas. It is necessary that you take special care to avoid fungus and foot infections that, in addition to pain, can cause unpleasant odors.


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