Home remedies for swollen feet


Swollen feet are an increasingly widespread problem among women due to the lifestyle in today’s society that involves excessive sedentary lifestyle, immense accumulations of stress and physical problems such as obesity. The factors that can promote the development of an anomaly such as the one described include hormonal disorders that occur in stages such as menopause, pregnancy or menstruation, circulation problems or even more severe diseases such as liver, kidney or the heart ones in a scenario like the one described, we can use a series of home remedies to relieve inflammation of the feet.

Fight swollen feet with home remedies

  • Constant and frequent physical exercise will be the quintessential home remedy to combat a problem as widespread as swollen feet. It is not necessary that it be an excessively intense activity, since by walking a few kilometers every day -much better if we do it barefoot on beach sand- we can reactivate blood circulation in the affected area and therefore solve said anomaly. Other sports such as swimming, running or cycling, even if they are practiced in a moderate way, are also highly recommended.
  • A very effective homemade alternative to chemical treatments to relieve inflammation in the feet involves the use of a healing herb such as horsetail. It is one of the best natural remedies to eliminate retained fluid and, therefore, end swelling in the lower extremities. We have to boil four tablespoons of the herb in a liter of water and let it rest for a few minutes. For this kind of concoction to take effect, we must drink about four cups a day.
  • One of the most recurring traditional home remedies to combat swollen feet consists of filling a container with warm water, adding a handful of coarse salt and submerging the feet for half an hour. It can be repeated up to three times a day. A variant of this trick is to add a glass of white vinegar to the salt water.


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