Natural remedies for foot pain


We suffer countless foot problems for different reasons. Fungus, calluses, chafing or swelling are some of the most common foot problems. But the most frequent, without a doubt, is foot pain. We are not only looking for beautiful feet, but also for healthy and pain-free feet, which is why we have some natural remedies for foot pain.

Natural remedies so that the feet do not hurt

  • The reasons for foot pain are many. Sometimes they hurt us from being on our feet for a long time, from wearing heels for a long time or from choosing shoes that are too narrow. Other times it is the lack of care that causes foot pain, also the annoying swelling due to poor circulation or even the wounds caused by cracked feet.
  • In short, foot care is essential to prevent foot pain, but when it is too late and the pain has appeared, it is best to relieve the pain with a bath. The star natural remedy for all kinds of foot problems is the salt bath alternating cold water with hot water. It is most effective for both sore feet and swollen feet and the effect is immediate.
  • We can also opt for other types of baths if we want to reduce foot pain. The lavender bath is also very relaxing and anti-inflammatory and the same happens if we add a few drops of mint essence to the foot bath water, which is most refreshing and we can forget about pain.
  • Foot pain can also be reduced if we pay a little more attention to its care by regularly performing exercises with a small ball with the sole of the foot. Although one of the natural remedies that we like the most and that, in addition to forgetting about pain, helps us to have beautiful feet, is a foot massage with a soothing oil such as tea tree oil or rosemary oil.


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