Goodbye complexes! positive foot treatments


If you want to have beautiful and radiant feet throughout the year, you will have to take care of them every day and above all, give them a lot of pampering. Your feet are a very important part of your body and if they are not well cared for and give you problems, you will only feel sorry for not having taken care of them as they really deserve. Your feet need positive treatments so that they can be healthy and in excellent health, and you will be able to show off scandalous feet.

Our feet are resistant and strong, but you should know that they can also suffer if you don’t take good care of them, so take note of the following positive foot treatments.

Positive treatments for your feet

  • Paraffin treatment. This treatment is suitable for dry feet and you can get soft and smooth feet. You will have to put two cups of paraffin in a container with a tablespoon of olive oil and put everything in a bain-marie until the paraffin melts. Then you will have to mix everything and put it in a larger container to put the feet. Do not put your feet in until the paraffin is white because then it will not be so hot. Put your feet in for 30 minutes and when you take them out you will notice the difference.
  • Use the pumice stone. The use of pumice stone is very important to have healthy feet. You will only have to get this volcanic rock that hardly has any density – you can get it in any supermarket. Whenever you get out of the shower or wash your feet with hot water, scrape the areas of your feet where there are calluses with this stone.
  • Reflexology. Reflexology is an alternative medicine option as a positive treatment. Stimulates your body’s defenses and helps eliminate toxic substances. It is based on pressing strategic points on the soles of the feet because these are connected to the nervous system.
  • Foot Care Products. There are a number of commercially available products that can be used to treat the foot problems.


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