Five home remedies for dry heels


We would love to show off beautiful, healthy and cared for feet, but we don’t always give them the attention they deserve. One of the most common foot problems is dry heels, which end up cracking and causing infections. But everything has a solution, because we have the best home remedies for dry heels.

Five home remedies for dry heels

The skin on the heels often appears dry, rough, hard and ends up cracking, causing pain and the occasional injury. The lack of foot care and the choice of footwear cause dry heels, but we have 5 very effective home remedies for dry heels.

  1. Pumice is one of the best weapons against dry, cracked heels. It is used during that obligatory salt water bath at the end of the day. It will not only provide us with softness, but also great well-being for feet tired from daily neglect.
  2. Although the pumice stone also exfoliates, it doesn’t hurt to apply a homemade exfoliant based on sugar and lemon to our dry heels to remove dead cells and provide extra softness.
  3. We forget that we must also hydrate our feet daily, especially in the heel area to avoid hardness and roughness. In addition to the daily moisturizing cream, we can prepare an avocado and banana mask so that the heels are nourished and hydrated to the maximum.
  4. Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural remedies to achieve beautiful, healthy and soft feet. It works by maintaining hydration and strengthening the internal tissues of the skin, so we can apply it at night for a more intense effect.
  5. The heels are never over hydrated and soft. That is why we can resort to that kind of cosmetic miracle of home remedies that is rose water mixed with glycerin. The result is immediate, with heels that are visibly softer and more nourished.


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