What are detox foot patches and how are they used?


Detox patches are a product that, according to the defenders of this methodology, manages to remove toxins and heavy metals deposited in the body, in addition to improving energy levels, stimulating the immune system and restoring health and vitality.

The use of these detox foot patches is indicated for problems such as back pain, muscle tension, premature aging, poor circulation, chronic fatigue, cold hands, fluid retention, knee pain, sedentary lifestyle or convalescence after childbirth.

Characteristics and use of detox patches

  • The main characteristic of detox foot patches, as we have indicated above, is to eliminate toxins found in the body, but their defense as an effective method does not have scientific evidence. Due to this, when we find a problem in our body, the first step will be to go to our family doctor to obtain a more accurate and effective diagnosis before remedying it with this type of patch.
  • There are many brands that are already marketing this type of patch, but we must know in detail what manufacturing method it uses, the ingredients used in the manufacture of the product and, above all, the company that promotes it because our health is at stake. half.
  • The process to use them is simple because they are adhesive patches that are placed on the soles of the feet and left to act overnight to be removed later. They are located in this part because the acupuncture points that help improve blood circulation are concentrated on the feet.


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