What causes sweaty feet


We worry a lot when some of the foot problems appear, but in reality it is more effective to know the causes of the problem because that way we can prevent it. Foot sweat is one of the obstacles to showing off beautiful and healthy feet, which is why we are investigating the causes of excessive foot sweating.

Why do feet sweat

  • Sweating is a natural process by which the body regulates temperature. Not having the ability to sweat would be just as bad as excessive sweating. In the case of the feet, sweat can cause numerous problems ranging from bad smell to the appearance of fungus to that feeling of always having cold feet. What are the causes of foot sweat?
  • Feet sweat when we do sports, when it’s too hot or when we eat spicy foods, among other reasons. But that’s not the foot sweat we should avoid. Excessive sweating that produces foot odor is generally caused by the footwear we use, as well as the socks or stockings we wear every day.
  • Both footwear and socks should be made of natural fabrics, avoiding synthetic materials that cause the foot to sweat excessively. The problem is not so much sweating as maintaining that sweat with the consequent humidity in the feet. That’s when the problems appear. Therefore, what we must take care of is not that the feet do not sweat, but to keep them dry.
  • A good way to prevent sweat from causing foot problems is to change your socks several times a day, air out the shoes we wear and not always wear the same shoes. In addition, we have a lot of natural remedies such as baking soda or black tea to make your feet sweat less and keep them dry.


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