Home remedies to beautify feet


Now that the good weather has arrived, we remember our feet and discover that they are not in the best condition after winter. If you want to show off beautiful feet, you will have to pay a little more attention and care to them, which is why we have searched for the best natural remedies to beautify your feet so that they are ready for summer.

Home remedies for beautiful feet

  • It is not so difficult to get prettier and healthier feet. The main problem is the lack of attention during a large part of the year, but it is never too late to find a solution. We have found the best home remedies so that your feet are more beautiful throughout the year.
  • Bathroom. To have beautiful, rested and pain-free feet, it is not enough to wash them in the daily shower. Feet require their own daily bath to which you can add salt to reduce foot swelling, lavender to relax feet, or mint to refresh feet.
  • Scrub. Exfoliating the feet is an essential step if you want to avoid hard or cracked feet. In addition to passing the pumice stone during the bath, you can make your own homemade scrub based on honey and sugar to provide greater softness to your feet.
  • Moisturizing. Feet need their dose of daily hydration just like the rest of the body. If you want to avoid dry feet or cracked heels, you can apply a homemade moisturizer made with rose water and glycerin.
  • Face mask. Since you probably forgot to hydrate your feet during the winter, they will need an extra dose of hydration. A homemade mashed avocado and yogurt-based mask applied twice a week will leave your feet ready for spring and looking spectacular.
  • Tricks. To get more beautiful feet, basic care is not enough, you must pamper them and not mistreat them more than necessary with narrow heeled shoes. Watch the shoes you use and try to walk barefoot on the beach or in the park to reactivate the energy of the whole body.


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