Hydration tips for feet in spring


With the arrival of spring, the feet regain prominence and we must seek urgent solutions to show off beautiful and well-cared feet. Lack of hydration is the most frequent foot problem at this time after having forgotten about them all winter. We have some hydration tips for feet in spring.

Tips to hydrate feet in spring

We have a bad habit of forgetting about foot care during the winter. And when spring arrives and we want to start wearing sandals, we find that our feet are not in the best condition. That is why we have some tips to provide extra hydration to the feet in the face of spring.

  1. Olive oil. Any measure we want to take to get more beautiful feet includes a daily foot bath and a massage at the end of the day that we can do with olive oil to achieve incredible softness on the feet.
  2. Exfoliation is the previous and essential step to eliminate dead cells, hardness on the feet and for moisturizing treatments to take effect. We can make a homemade scrub with honey, sugar and lemon to leave the skin ready for hydration.
  3. Face mask. After a long time without care, the feet will need not only hydration, but extra hydration. This is something that we can achieve with a homemade mask based on yogurt and avocado that we will apply all over the foot and leave to act for about 15 minutes.
  4. In addition to the mask, we can achieve more hydrated, softer and more cared-for feet if, before going to bed, we make a cream based on glycerin and rose water, apply it and cover our feet with socks throughout the night.
  5. Daily care. Nor can we forget about the daily hydration of the feet when leaving the shower. In the same way that we hydrate the entire body and face, we also need a moisturizing cream to apply daily on the feet.


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