Sore Feet: How to Reduce Heel Pain


No one can resist some fabulous heeled shoes. Heels slim the legs and give the final touch to a perfect look, but the truth is that they cause pain, a lot of pain. The result of the heels is a fascinating style, but also sore feet. If you’re not ready to give up your favorite shoes, we have some tips to reduce heel pain.

Exercises to reduce foot pain before putting on your heels

  • We cannot avoid it, we love to wear heels, but we must admit that they are not the healthiest or most comfortable shoes for our feet. That is why it is convenient to take some precautionary and recovery measures for sore feet. To reduce foot pain from high-heeled shoes, you have to act before you even put them on.
  • A good exercise is to walk barefoot for a few minutes before putting on your heels, stretching and curling your toes, which suffer the most from shoes. It is also convenient to get on your toes and move up and down so that both the sole of the foot and the calves get used to that position.

Remedies for sore feet from heels

  1. These previous exercises will help the foot suffer less, but they will not prevent the familiar foot pain that heels leave us if we wear them for a long time. The best way to reduce pain is to place gel insoles in the high-heeled shoe, so we will walk more comfortably and without less pressure on the sole and heel. If we do our part, we can considerably alleviate the discomfort of high-heeled shoes.
  2. The last advice is intended to repair the damage caused by heels. At the end of the day it is best to take a foot bath with warm water and salt. If, in addition to being sore, your feet are tired, you can alternate the hot and cold water bath. And culminating the day with a foot massage, which can be self-massage, is a mandatory act to be able to rest.


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