Cold feet: causes and solutions


People who constantly suffer from cold feet can be a symptom of a serious underlying disease such as anemia, circulatory disorders or a hormonal problem. If you have cold feet, it is necessary to see a doctor so that he can determine the exact cause of this poor circulation and be able to follow a treatment. Normally the treatments are usually massages, a diet adjustment or exercises to improve blood circulation and warm the extremities. You must take care of your feet!

Why do feet get cold easily?

  •  When the body is exposed to cold it tries to keep warm, but if it gets cold circulation decreases in the arms, legs, ears and nose so that the rest of the body can stay warm. When temperatures are below freezing, ice can form in these areas because there is less circulation. But, what can be the causes of having cold feet?
  • Cold injuries that can be caused by chilling the skin. This can occur after being exposed to cold, wet conditions.
  • Poor blood circulation. Especially when you have a too sedentary life, blood circulation can be impaired and therefore the extremities get cold.
  • The Raynaud phenomenon that causes an abnormal narrowing of the blood vessels that contract with the cooling of the hands and feet. If you think you may have this problem, you should see your doctor to evaluate your condition.

Solutions for people with cold feet

  • You can also find some solutions that you can use in your daily life to try to get your feet back to their normal temperature:
  • Regular exercise. Foot exercise or any regular aerobic exercise such as running, hiking or cycling can help prevent cold feet. Foot exercises are also a good option.
  • Apply water to stimulate circulation. Cold, warm or hot showers also stimulate blood flow. Ideally, soak your feet for about 10 minutes in hot water, then submerge them in cold water for another 10 minutes and alternate ending with the cold foot bath. Then you will have to dry immediately and put on warm socks.
  • Other methods to solve cold feet. There are other methods that you can also consider, such as foot massages to improve circulation, lavender baths, improving your diet, and eating more fruits and vegetables.


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