How to relieve numb feet


Many of the foot problems come from a lack of care, but other times they are caused by a disease or by situations that it is not in our power to avoid. This is the case of having numb feet with a tingling sensation, a problem that we must deal with as soon as possible, not only to have beautiful feet, but also to have healthy feet.

Solutions for numb feet

  • Your feet may often feel numb, as if they had fallen asleep, and a tingling sensation. It is not about pain in the feet, since you hardly have feeling in the foot or in the fingers and it is one of the most frequent problems that is generally caused by poor posture and poor circulation.
  • The main recommendation to avoid numbness in the feet is to change your footwear. The use of narrow footwear or high-heeled shoes means that blood does not circulate properly and does not reach the feet and that is when you begin to notice that annoying tingling sensation. It is also important to avoid crossing your legs because it is a posture that hinders blood flow.
  • Some of the exercises that are recommended for swollen feet work just as well for numb feet. Trying to stretch out your toes as much as possible and elevate your feet for 20 minutes will quickly reduce numbness in your feet. Logically, the most effective measure against numb feet is a good massage.
  • It should be noted that sometimes numb feet are caused by some diseases and it is a warning that something in the body is not working properly. If you frequently notice numb feet, it’s best to see a doctor to rule out any major health issues.


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