How to take care of swollen feet during pregnancy?


When a woman is pregnant, her belly is not the only thing that swells and the whole body is affected by swelling during pregnancy due to the laws of gravity, but above all it is the feet and ankles that can be more affected. It is especially from the 22nd week of pregnancy when a woman can begin to feel her feet more swollen than normal, although the swelling of the extremities can vary depending on the time of day they swell more at night- or due to the weather. climate -with heat they swell more.

This occurs because body fluids increase in the pregnant woman to nourish both the woman and the baby, but accumulate in the tissues as a result of increased blood flow and pressure from the uterus on the veins of the pelvis and the vena cava. -the vein that carries blood from the lower extremities to the heart-. Everything will make a pregnant woman feel the swelling in her ankles and feet –although also in her hands and arms-.

How to take care of swollen feet during pregnancy?

Avoid long periods of standing or sitting. If you are standing for a long time it is necessary that you take a seat, but if you are sitting too long, it is also necessary that you get up and take a walk for at least five minutes every hour that you spend sitting.

  • Put your feet up. If you can raise your legs when you’re sitting, it will be a way to keep your feet from swelling too much.
  • Sleep on the side It is necessary that you sleep on the left side to keep your kidneys in a good position, this will help you eliminate waste well and reduce swelling of the body and extremities.
  • If you are pregnant and you feel fine, doing a little exercise like walking or swimming will help you to be less swollen and feel much better.
  • Comfortable shoes and socks. Forget socks or stockings that are too tight and wear comfortable sneakers or shoes that help you keep your foot well supported and comfortable.
  • Drink water and be careful with salt. You need to drink water to be well hydrated and to eliminate excess sodium from your body, thus avoiding bloating – 8 to 12 glasses of water a day is ideal. But also, you should limit the consumption of salt since it only retains liquids and will make you more swollen.


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