How to hide ugly feet


Not everyone wants to show their feet in spring. While some are getting their feet ready for sandals and showing off perfect feet, others keep them well hidden behind their socks or closed-toe shoes. And there are people who think that their feet are ugly. We discover how to hide ugly feet.

How to forget about your ugly feet

  • For many people, feet are a super attractive part of the body and they even take an active part in their sexual relations. However, for other people who suffer from podophobia, their feet are most unpleasant and they try never to show them. In the middle are those people who would like to show off their feet but their ugly feet complexes do not allow it.
  • If you are one of those who lives with a complex about their feet, because they are ugly, wide, big or small, the first piece of advice is to check your self-esteem because ugliness is a matter of taste, it is not an absolute concept. If you still consider that your feet are not ready to be shown, you can always hide them. As?
  • Most of the time the feet are ugly due to lack of care and this can be fixed with a professional pedicure and keeping a daily care routine. For those complexes due to the shape or size of the feet, the only solution to hide them is through the choice of footwear. You don’t have to always wear ankle boots to hide your ugly feet.
  • Some sandals hide most of the foot. In this way, your feet are kept in the air, avoiding excessive sweating, but hiding their imperfections. Look for models of sandals with straps or those that partially cover the foot, depending on what you are most interested in covering. And if you want no one to look at your feet, fill your look with accessories and keep a radiant smile.


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