How to fix dry feet


We all want to show off beautiful feet, but for much of the year we forget about them and take care of them as they deserve. Having dry feet is one of the most frequent problems, but it has an easy solution. Follow our guidelines to solve the problem of dry feet.

How to solve the problem of dry feet?

Although some foot problems such as bunions or nail fungus take a long time to heal, dry feet are easy to fix. It is true that dry feet are influenced by factors as diverse as diet or the chosen footwear, but in reality it is always a lack of hydration.

  • Wash your feet every night before you go to sleep. Submerge your feet in warm water and with a plant such as lavender to achieve greater well-being and prepare the skin of your feet for the rest of the treatments.
  • During that daily foot bath, the pumice stone will be your best ally in order to forget about dry feet. Rub the skin of the feet, especially the heels, to soften hard skin. In addition, the pumice stone is a good way to exfoliate your feet and remove dead cells.
  • After the foot bath, dry them carefully to avoid the appearance of fungus. And once dry, give them a generous amount of moisturizer. If you moisturize your body after showering each day, you should do the same with your feet.
  • Face mask. You can take advantage of this moment of relaxation to provide extra nutrition to your feet with a homemade mask. The ideal foot mask for dry feet is made with avocado and natural yogurt. You let it act for a few minutes and the result is immediate with prettier and softer feet.
  • The problem of dry feet is aggravated when you do not have a balanced diet and because of inappropriate footwear. If your dry feet start to show painful cracks, it’s time to switch to healthy food and ditch the heels for a while.


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