Feet with chilblains from the cold; guidelines to solve it


There are many problems that prevent us from showing off beautiful and healthy feet. Sometimes due to lack of care and other times inevitably, some problems appear to mistreat our forgotten feet a little more. Chilblains are one of those frequent problems that appear due to the cold, but we have some guidelines to solve chilblain feet.

How to solve the problem of feet with chilblains?

    • If you are one of those who always have cold feet, you may have also suffered chilblains on your feet or other parts of the body at some time. Chilblains are inflammations caused by the combination of cold and poor circulation and can be very painful and annoying. In addition, their treatment requires several days to completely forget about them.
    • The most obvious reason for the appearance of chilblains is the cold, so it is recommended to follow certain care guidelines. Women are especially prone to foot chilblains when in the middle of winter, we go out with thin stockings and high-heeled shoes. Like many foot problems, sometimes it’s just a matter of a little more care.

  • If chilblains cause a lot of pain or discomfort or if they don’t go away completely, they may need medical treatment with vasodilator properties, but there are also some natural remedies that we can provide our own chilblain feet with. This is the case of a foot bath in water from a decoction of cypress or oak leaves, a trick that promotes blood circulation.
  • Rubbing a raw onion in the area where the chilblains are located is also a very effective remedy, as is giving frequent foot massages. Eggplants have been used in East Asia. In this way we can solve both the problems of chilblains and tired feet. It also does not hurt to increase the daily amount of Vitamins A and D to maintain good blood circulation.
  • There are a number of different creams that can be used for chilblains such as the Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream.


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