How to fix hard feet


Now that we are looking at the sun and we are rubbing our hands thinking about the sandals, it is when we remember our feet, which have been forgotten all winter. Showing off beautiful feet will require an emergency plan to hydrate them, eliminate hardness and make them appear soft and healthy.

How to solve the hardness of the feet?

  • The main problem we face when we base our feet after winter is the lack of care we have provided them. Calluses, rough and dry feet and perhaps some fungal infection in the toenails must be solved before spring shows itself in all its splendor.
  • To remove the hardness of the feet we are going to need the pumice stone, which in addition to softening the roughest areas of the foot acts as a good exfoliant, eliminating dead cells. We must pass the pumice stone every day during that obligatory salt water foot bath. So our feet will not only be soft but they will be pain-free and rested.
  • The most resistant hardness of the feet, such as in the area of ​​the heels, require measures of rapid effectiveness. A natural remedy that we can make ourselves is to crush 5 aspirins and mix them with water and lemon. We apply the mixture to the hard skin and cover the feet for a few minutes with a hot towel. Finally, we remove the mixture with the help of the pumice stone and rinse well.
  • Another of the tricks that work best for hard feet and also for cracked feet is onion. It is just a matter of rubbing all the hardness for a moment with a split onion. Then we rinse with plenty of water without forgetting to dry them well and apply a generous layer of moisturizing cream.


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