Dry feet: why they dry and how to cure them


If you are a woman you will like to have beautiful and soft feet, the kind that when summer arrives they show themselves with pride and with well-groomed nails. But the reality is that not everyone has perfect feet, and it is that at some point in life it is very likely that you will find yourself with dry feet, but why does this happen?

When some feet are dry they can begin to have scales, skin that rises, sores and even bloody cracks that if not taken care of can end in quite painful infections.

The reasons for dry feet

  • Inappropriate footwear. Inadequate footwear can make your feet dry, in addition to suffering pain due to poor support or chafing because the footwear does not suit you.
  • Aging. As we age, it is natural for the skin to lose its elasticity and therefore begin to react negatively to changes in temperature. Because of the cold your feet can crack and have fissures.
  • Foot problems. You may have some foot problems that cause them to dry out. Psoriasis, athlete’s foot, or other conditions can also quickly cause your feet to become dry and painful.
  • Hot water. Hot water is a relief for pain, but abusing high-temperature water will only dry out your feet because the layer that protects the foot comes off.
  • Soaps with chemicals. The use of soaps with chemical products are aggressive for the skin, so it is better to avoid them to prevent your feet from drying out and even irritating.


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