5 foot problems that appear with winter


In the summer we usually pay a lot of attention to our feet, because at that time we wear them through sandals and we want them to look especially beautiful. But when winter arrives, we make the mistake of leaving them forgotten, of locking them up behind boots and not giving them the care that they also need during the winter season.

5 disorders suffered by feet in winter

  1. In winter we buy new seasonal shoes and, by wearing them for many hours in a row, they can cause chafing on the feet. It is because the foot is not yet used to this shoe and, to avoid this, we must apply a little moisturizing cream on the inside of the shoe so that it hydrates and adapts to your foot shape. Chilblains can also occur in the winter.
  2. Calluses and hardness. They appear in the areas that the footwear rubs the most or in those where the pressure is greater. You should avoid shoes with narrow toes and too tight, or remedy it with the moisturizer trick that we have mentioned in the previous point.
  3. It is a bone deformity that occurs in the joint of the big toe and occurs due to the way you walk or by wearing shoes that are too narrow and with a heel. There are insoles that help reduce the deformity and thus avoid the pain caused by bunions. Bunions may need toe spacers to help.
  4. Nail problems such as a onychophosis. The pressure from the shoes can deform the toenails. To avoid this, we must cut the nail straight and, if it is infected, clean it well and go to a podiatrist for a more precise cure. There can be a problem with the side of the toenail hurts, but its not ingrown.
  5. Sweating _ It seems that our feet only sweat in summer, but in winter we can also find sweating problems that lead to irritation and a bad smell. If your feet sweat a lot, wear natural fiber socks and, if necessary, change them a couple of times a day so that the humidity does not cause a fungal infection.


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