How to avoid liquid retention in the feet?


One of the most frequent problems that affect the feet is fluid retention. When the liquid accumulates in the body’s tissues and we do not eliminate it through urine or sweat, the feeling of heaviness in the legs and swelling appears that prevents us from showing off beautiful and healthy feet. We know how to avoid liquid retention in the feet.

Tips to combat fluid retention in the feet

  • Fluid retention has various causes. Some of these causes respond to ailments or diseases, so it is always convenient to consult a doctor to rule out a health problem. In most cases, fluid retention that affects the feet is caused by poor circulation, a sedentary lifestyle or a poor diet.
  • To prevent fluid retention from preventing us from showing off more beautiful feet, we must pay more attention to aspects such as diet. Reducing salt intake and opting for a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables with diuretic properties will considerably alleviate that feeling of heaviness and tiredness in legs and feet.
  • We cannot forget about physical exercise if we want to avoid swollen feet due to fluid retention. Going for a walk every day is a simple practice that will allow us to have a better quality of life. This exercise can be combined with specific exercises for the feet and with the intake of a large amount of water throughout the day.
  • Some infusions can help us combat fluid retention, such as parsley or horsetail infusion. Following these guidelines to combat fluid retention will take us a while to see the effects, so to alleviate that feeling of tired feet we can resort to foot baths alternating hot water with cold water.


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