Cracked heels: how to fix foot problems


The feet remain there in the last corner of our body quite forgotten during the winter. And it’s not that we don’t get there, it’s that we don’t even remember that our feet also need care. That’s why one fine day we take off our socks and discover that our heels are cracked and rough. We have all the tricks to solve foot problems.

How to fix the problem of cracked heels?

  • The causes of cracked heels are many and range from poor hydration to a postural issue or the choice of footwear. Although most of the time, this problem appears due to a lack of foot care. Although cracked heels are not a medical problem, it is true that they can be quite annoying and painful. And also, they are completely incompatible with beautiful feet.
  • There are three essential steps to forget about cracked heels and get more beautiful feet. The first step is daily cleaning, with a preferably night bath of salt water or lavender water and using the pumice stone to soften the skin of the heel. Once the foot fatigue accumulated throughout the day has been relieved, we can move on to hydration.
  • We can make our own homemade moisturizing cracked heel creams,  such as the Walkers. One of the best home remedies for cracked heels is a mixture of a teaspoon of Vaseline with a little lemon juice with which we can impregnate the heel area. The ideal is to put on some socks so that the formula acts during the night.
  • Because the next morning, that mixture will have prepared the skin of the heel for the third step, which is exfoliation. We also have an excellent natural exfoliant based on honey, vinegar and rice flour that will easily remove dead cells and heels will look much smoother and healthier.
  • If these approaches do not help your cracked heels, then see a podiatrist.


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