How to avoid dry heels


Every summer the same story repeats itself. The good weather arrives and we leave the blazer at home to make way for tank tops. The same happens with other parts of the body: we say bye bye to tights, stockings and socks, we put closed shoes in the back of the closet and we take out the precious flat or heeled sandals that brighten up our summer looks. And that’s when we look at our feet and realize that they need an emergency plan to catch up and be able to show them off as only they deserve: start preparing our feet with special attention to our heels! We give you, from the hand of Vanessa Arias, twenty nails pedicurist, the best tips to avoid dry heelsand always keep them hydrated.

How to avoid dry heels

  • Use specific foot creams, as many people today use the same cream for feet as for the rest of the body; keep in mind that they are different skin types that require different types of care.
  • Homemade masks. The pumice stone has been to date the home remedy most used by grandmothers and mothers, but today we want to give you some other little trick: mix lemon, rose water, glycerin and baking soda to serve as an exfoliant.
  • Be careful with footwear. Dry skin or xerosis of the feet occurs when we change the seasonal footwear. It is not advisable for the feet to be tight and closed for a long time, but also not in the open air excessively or walking for long hours. A good option that we propose is to alternate different types of shoes and not abuse any in particular.
  • Food, our best ally. We never tire of repeating the importance of food in our body, both internally and externally. If you want your skin to appear healthy and elastic, in your diet you should include fatty acids such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocado and salmon, as well as fruits and vegetables and drink two liters of water a day.


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