5 things you need to know before using a pumice stone for your feet


The pumice stone is a perfect tool to remove dead skin and eradicate calluses and calluses found on the feet. For these benefits it is widely used for pedicure and exfoliation treatment, it also leaves the skin much softer and more beautiful.

Before using the pumice stone for the feet, it is necessary to know how to use it correctly and know all its advantages.

5 tips for using a pumice stone on your feet

  1. Before starting to use the pumice stone, we must thoroughly clean the feet. To do this, they must be soaked in a bowl with warm water and applying a liquid soap, if possible, with a neutral pH.
  2. The exfoliation of the feet is a fundamental step to keep them beautiful, soft and cared for. In general, murexes and calluses usually appear on the feet because they support all our weight day by day and they usually spend a lot of time closed by shoes. With the pumice stone we can get rid of those unsightly rough edges found on the feet, and offer an ideal result on them.
  3. When your feet are clean, and without taking them out of the water, pass the pumice stone through those areas where there are calluses and calluses. Make smooth movements and in a circle, emphasizing the areas indicated above.
  4. Remember that the feet must be soapy so that the skin does not dry out. You will immediately notice the benefits on your feet, as they will be smoother and softer. When you have achieved it, apply a moisturizing cream.
  5. This technique should be repeated one to three times a week so that the results are more lasting and remain perfect throughout the year.


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