Home remedies to hydrate feet


Most of the time, what prevents us from showing off beautiful feet is a lack of care. We forget to moisturize our feet daily and that’s why they look dull and dry. That is why we know that in addition to the daily cream we need an extra hydration in the feet and we have the best home remedies to hydrate the feet.

Homemade moisturizers for your feet

  • One of the best homemade moisturizers that is very useful against cracked heels and that provides spectacular softness to your feet is made with rose water and glycerin. Half a glass of rose water and two tablespoons of glycerin are enough to form a thick paste that we will apply to the feet. Then we wrap the feet in socks and let it act all night.
  • Honey and yogurt form another of the most moisturizing combinations for the feet. It is a kind of super moisturizing homemade mask that acts quickly against dry feet. A tablespoon of honey is added to a yogurt and we wrap the feet with this cream for 20 minutes. The result is immediate smoothness. We can also substitute honey for avocado with the same results.
  • A simple gesture such as a foot massage with olive oil provides extra hydration to the feet and at the same time prevents the discomfort of swollen and tired feet. If at the end of the day we wash our feet and finish the bath with a pleasant olive oil massage, the benefits will not only be in terms of hydration.
  • And if what we want is a homemade moisturizer to use daily, the ideal is to mix Vaseline mixed with lemon juice and a little salt in a small jar. The preparation can be used daily after a shower and in a short time we will achieve prettier and healthier-looking feet.


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