What makes feet smell bad?


Smelly feet are a big problem for all the people who suffer from it since it is not pleasant for others to breathe bad odors or for oneself. There are things in everyday life that can cause smelly feet, so you should take this into account starting today to prevent your feet from smelling bad and take good care of them.

What makes your feet smell bad?

  • Not washing feet properly. Feet need daily washing to keep them clean and healthy. You can do it with an antibacterial gel or with special powders for bad odors. If you do it once in the morning and once at night before going to bed, you will have better results.
  • Sweaty socks and feet. If you’re out and about all day and prone to sweaty feet, then the best thing to do is carry a spare clean socks in your bag. So you can change in the middle of the day and your feet will feel much better. Remember that the socks must be made of cotton to allow your foot to breathe.
  • Shoes that do not let the foot breathe. If your shoes do not allow your foot to breathe, your foot will sweat and if it sweats it will smell bad. But worst of all, if you don’t take precautions, in addition to your feet smelling bad, you could also get a fungal infection! The fungus will make your feet smell worse, itch and you should use a specific treatment. Fungus loves dark and humid places to develop, a closed shoe with a sweaty foot is the best place!
  • Wear poor quality shoes and socks. It is necessary to invest in the health of your feet and to achieve this you should think about buying good quality shoes and socks so that your feet, in addition to breathing better, are comfortable and do not smell due to inappropriate material.


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