Foot pain in heels: 5 tips to end it


Women like to wear heels, or at least most of them do. It is normal, the heel stylizes and makes us feel more beautiful. If you like to wear heels or wear them regularly, then you will know exactly what foot pain is after wearing them even for a short time. But it is not necessary that you have to suffer so much, so you cannot miss these 5 tips to put an end to it and take better care of your feet.

Tips to end foot pain in heels

Make sure you are wearing the correct size

The size of the shoe is essential to be able to enjoy your heels without pain. The size of your foot is likely to change over the years, especially if you have already had children. It is important that you measure your feet length and width before buying heeled shoes, you will appreciate it.

Notice that the heel is not too thin

Even if you love stilettos, they are definitely not the best options. Ideally, you should opt for high-heeled shoes that have a platform -avoid thin soles- so that the foot is not too steep or at least, the heel is somewhat thick so that it does not affect the heel too much.

Know your foot

Going to a podiatrist would be ideal to find out what type of foot you have. But if you can’t go to your office, the ideal is to wet the foot and put it on a piece of cardboard. When you make the mark you will see if you have a flatter foot with a pronounced arch. Once you know this you will know why you have so much pain and what type of shoe is best for you.

Rest your feet

If you are addicted to heels but you know how they hurt, the ideal is that when you wear them, you sit down and take off your shoes to massage the sole of your foot. Do this a few times and you will notice immediate relief.

Don’t always wear heels

It seems logical, but sometimes it is forgotten. It is necessary that you have alternative and comfortable footwear to match, so you will avoid your feet hurting so much because of wearing heels so often.

Heel Pain in Children

This is almost always Sever’s disease. Sever’s disease is a problem of the growing heel bone in children that is no longer a problem when the child stops growing. Adults do not get Sever’s disease. For children with this problem, try the Sever’s heel cushions.


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