How to prepare your feet for running?


Going out for a run is almost becoming an epidemic with the number of followers it gains every day. And it doesn’t surprise us, because with running you can stay in shape without having to pay gym fees. But perhaps there is an aspect that you have overlooked in running and that is the care of your feet. Discover how to prepare your feet for running.

How to take care of your feet for running?

If you are worried about staying healthy and fit and you have already started running, you have to take care of your feet more into account than ever. It is not just about maintaining beautiful feet, but about taking care of them so that you can continue practicing your favorite sport.

  1. The most important thing to prepare your feet for running is nail care. You should cut your nails horizontally and avoid leaving them too short so that they do not grow into the skin as they grow.
  2. Applying a good layer of Vaseline over the entire surface of the foot will help you keep your feet hydrated, but also strengthen the skin so that it does not suffer so much when practicing sports.
  3. To dry those small wounds on the feet faster or to harden the sole of the foot, you can add a little alcohol to the bathwater. This way your feet will be more protected and will suffer less from the impact against the ground when running.
  4. It may not seem important to you, but the choice of socks can determine the result of your training or facing an important race. Socks should be made of natural fabrics to prevent your feet from sweating more than necessary, and you should stretch them well before putting on your shoes.
  5. It is the running shoes that are going to really protect your feet, so spare no expense and let yourself be advised by professionals to avoid injuries, to prevent moisture from accumulating on your feet or to avoid foot pain.


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